Monday, June 15, 2009

free Stampin UP product

Are you interested in learning how you can get free stampin up product? well the answer is having a VIRTUAL party!! With a party of just $150.00 dollars you get a FREE level 1 stamp set and FREE merchandise totally $15.00 and thats just the lowest hostess awards!!

If you are interested just let me know and we can work out the details together!

Friday, May 29, 2009

artfire free ride

Have you thought about selling on artfire but didn't want to take the plunge? Now is the time. If you sign up now you will be locked in for life at $12.00 per month no matter what price the monthly fee goes to! Now on top of that Artfire is having a promotion right now if I get 12 people signed up with me as a reference then not only do I get a free ride but I get to choose somebody! What I am going to do is put the 12 peoples name in the random generator and whoever gets picked gets the free ride!! What are the benefits of being verified? (thats what you are when you pay the $12 a month)

  • US $12.00 Monthly For life!!!!

  • No Fees for Sales

  • Sell Unlimited Items

  • Make Your Own Categories

  • Full Community Interaction

  • Up to 10 Pictures Per Product

  • Prefered Placement in Searches

  • Shop Banner

  • Forums

  • Custom

  • Google Analytics

  • Global Shipping Profiles

  • Social Media Promotion Tool

  • Social Media Resource Library

  • Real Time Statistics

  • Instant Flagging

  • Categories Displayed Randomly(No Relisting Needed)

  • Fast, Clear Checkout Process

  • Fast, Accurate Filtered Site Search

  • One Button Relist

  • One Button Vacation

  • Sales Mode

  • Education/Training

  • Green Impact

  • View Prices in Any Currency

  • Google Base (Autofeed Every Item)

  • Kudos

  • Guilds

  • Artisan Councils

  • Artisan Profile with Photo

  • Market Hub

  • Site Participation Rewards (Artifacts)

  • Automated Markdown Manager

  • Rapid Cart

<a href="">Register on</a> use this link for the reference!

thanks a lot for reading!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bag topper tutorial

Do you cello bags for packaging up your product? Does it look plain and boring? This tutorial will help you make it look nicer. All you need is 2 different colors of cardstock or you can use a White and your business card!

First put your goods in the bag and seal it!

Then cut a piece of cardstock slighlty wider then the bag and long enough to cover the flap! Staple it into place!

Now take either the second color (cut a little smaller then first later) or your business card and attach it over the staples with double sided sticky tape!

Next I stamped thank you and embossed it! If you used a business card you can skip this part!

Last I put on a flower to accent it!

Look how great that is! The back will have staples if you want to cover I usually add another piece of brown and put my label on top of the brown!

Thanks for looking!

If you would like me to cut stamp these so all you have to do is attach the pieces just find me at my artfire shop.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Love cupcakes??

I do!!! My current diet doesn't allow for the cupcakes that I want so I decided to make some paper ones!!

What makes this cupcake even better is its a magnet!!


Found a great shop!

As a fellow paper crafter when I seen this shop I was impressed at the items for sale here! Tags, notebooks, matchbook notepads, and mini notes!!



Saturday, May 9, 2009

are you sarcastic?

So I went on the look for some sarcsatic cards on artfire and while there was some really nice ones on there I just couldn't find any with my type of humor so I took it upon myself to make some!!

These are what I came up with!!

They look all sweet and innocent till you read the insides!!! to read the insides!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

My friends having a treasure hunt.......

Click here to go to my friends Mamaslittlemonkeys blog for a treasure hunt and giveaway!!!

Have fun!

Friday, May 1, 2009

who doesnt love a sale!

I am having a 15% off sale in my studio this weekend! Don't forget I also do custom work. Sale is going on now through Sunday night!

just a few items from my studio!!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

the biggest stalker

I am pretty excited to find out tomorrow who the biggest stalker is over at They are having a contest to see who blogs, tweets, plurks and promotes in general them! What makes it easy to be a stalker is that I truly love this internet radio station. They have a great line up of great shows and are getting more all the time.

So what does being the biggest stalker get you you ask? You get this fantastic website all about you to promote you! how awesome is that? they get views from all over the world so that the best and cheapest advertising you will ever get!!

head on over this sunday and find out who the biggest stalker is and then start getting points for the next round!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Have a Heart FUndraiser

Here's a chance to help an artisan's family and win a beautiful handmade quilt in the process.

JoAnn, of Pieceful Afternoon, is trying to raise the $25,000 copay that is required for her husband Don's open heart surgery.

To raise the money that is needed for the surgery, JoAnn is actually holding a raffle which gives everyone out there the opportunity to win a gorgeous quilt. A quilt which just happens to be Don's all time favorite quilt.

One look at this quilt and one cannot help but smile! "Grandmother's Flower Garden" will fit a double sized bed and was created using tone on tone bright cheery colors A quilt like this is sure to become the favorite in any household. Imagine snuggling up beneath this beauty made from 100% cotton.

Not only are you getting the chance to win a gorgeous quilt but you're also helping a fellow artisan's family! Now that is a true reason to smile.

Head over and find out how you can be entered into the raffle. One major way you can help is spreading the word! Blog about it and pass the word along (this will get you some entries by the way)! Feel free to copy and paste this post.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An awesome shop!!

While hanging out on artfire this morning I stumbled upon libragear. This jewelry shop as some really neat looking items!! She makes everything from mens bracelets, earrings. necklace, pendants!! Is where you can find her at on artfire. Here's a couple of her items!



Monday, April 20, 2009

my prize came today

After running errands to the post office and to let the kids play I came home to not 1 but 2 packages!! The ONE I have been waiting for finally arrived! I got my prize from 's stinkin good giveaway sponsered by Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen or better know as SOAPDELI!!!!!!!!!

I can not tell you have great this smells. I got a soap and a lotion in Lemon Verbena scent. MMMMMMMM it sure smells good. My kids both said MMMMM.

So by now you know it smells good but let me tell ya I did a test run of hand washing with this soap and let me tell ya IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!! My hands are dry and this soap in just 1 washing made them feel very soft. I put the lotion on also and its like silk in a bottle to my hands.

I for one will be getting more from rebecca over at soapdeli!!

you can also find her here on as her hubby Adam (infivision) is the founder of this loverly site!!

calling all stampers

I have been adding clear stamps to my artfire today and I am also destashing a couple of Stampin Up sets that I no longer use!

come on over and take a look.

candles by donald

I did a spotlight on this man earlier today and have finally gotten a chance to do a blog post about him. I was over at his blog and come to find out this great man is a Vietnam Vet. He is now disabled and makes candles to distract him from his pain. WOW! this guy is my hero. Not only is he a vet (thank you) but he lives with pain. It's so cool how a "hobby" can distract oneself from the problems in life.

After looking around his blog I found a great short story, features on a fellow card maker, and just bits and pieces about his candle making!

Please check this man out at!!! and go read his blog!


my prize came today

After running errands to the post office and to let the kids play I came home to not 1 but 2 packages!! The ONE I have been waiting for finally arrived! I got my prize from 's stinkin good giveaway sponsered by Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen or better know as SOAPDELI!!!!!!!!!

I can not tell you have great this smells. I got a soap and a lotion in Lemon Verbena scent. MMMMMMMM it sure smells good. My kids both said MMMMM.

So by now you know it smells good but let me tell ya I did a test run of hand washing with this soap and let me tell ya IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!! My hands are dry and this soap in just 1 washing made them feel very soft. I put the lotion on also and its like silk in a bottle to my hands.

I for one will be getting more from rebecca over at soapdeli!!

you can also find her here on as her hubby Adam (infivision) is the founder of this loverly site!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

first artfire sale!!

I just had my first artfire sale today! I am super excited! I loved the quilt that I sold and am super happy that somebody will be enjoying it very soon!!

I have been listing the cutest thank you mini cards in my shop lately! These are the perfect size as thank yous to your customers!


Monday, April 13, 2009

I won I won!

I won over at during the Stinkin' Good Giveaway!
What did I win you ask?!! Well glad you asked! one Lemon Verbena Salt Bar and a truly decadent Lemon Verbena Honey and Goat Milk Lotion from soapdeli.

Don't know blockheadradio!?? Well get on over there and check them out.  Great shows, an artisan challenge, great hosts and theres a chat to talk to other artisans!

Whatcha waitin for get on over there and check them out!

An awesome artisan and person!

I think this shop is pretty cool. Not only is she on my street team (search "cafemom team" on etsy and "cst guild" on artfire)but she's a fellow gluten free mama!!

Tell us about yourself!

I'm a mom, wife, sister, friend, seamstress, soaper, and all around craft/handmade-aholic. I'm also a fabricholic, venueaholic, soapacholic, chocoholic and coffee addict :)

What kind of products are for sale in your shops?

A wide variety! :) Clothing, toys, baby gifts, blankets, bibs, handmade soaps, bath salts, fun stuff for the home, gag gifts, flower pens and whatever else strikes my fancy!

What is your favorite item in you shops?

Right now, my Michael Miller Minky Blanket found here:

and my waterproof girl skull bib!

So I know you love blockhead radio. Maybe I have readers that don't know about it what would you say to them?!

Blockhead Radio is an indie radio staton focusing on exposing artisans to the world while playing excellent indie music! It's a great place for friends, business, and fun! I like how you can interact in chat during the show and there is nothing cooler than hearing your shop talked about on air!

Where can we find you at?

Hah! Where CAN'T youf ind me? (etsy) (etsy) (search fleurdeink)

Is there anything else you would like to ask?

Mmmm. I'd just like to share I am having a buy one get one half off sale on www.mamaslittlemonkeys.,com until April 15th and by May hope to have everything in my artfire shop and ready to have a HUGE sale there! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

i've been blogged about....kinda

haha so has me in her friday favs!! how awesome is that? she is a fellow cafemom street team member with me and she also has a paper craft shop on etsy. go and check her out. shes got some really cute things. shes got little decorated tins, mini scrapbook albums, cards and tons more!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

wednesday wednesday wednesday!!

I will be on blockhead radio for 30 min with rockerchic (thats and
I am thrilled to be on and talking with her so please tune into on wednesday at 9 eastern time!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review making memories Slice

I recently bought the Slice by Making Memories and thought I would do a little review of it.

The Slice is different then most electronic cutting systems in the fact that you charge a battery then its cordless! You can't do that with a cricut! The small size is another plus. Measuring in at 6inx6in is great if you have limited space. The down side of that cute size is it only cuts up to inches 4 and the smallest size is inch with increments in 1/2 inch so getting a nice layer is none existant unless you want your layers to have a 1/2 inch difference.

Now on to how it works. You select your size and hit the start button and hold on! You have to apply light pressure for it to cut right. I find that to be a bit tricky. Too much and you either break the blade or it just doesn't move but too loose and the machine starts to slide around and your cuts not right! It does take awhile to get the feel of this machine so you will want to just play around with scrap paper till you get the hang of it! The blades are super easy to change and the price isn't to bad on them either!

The glass mat is awesome! You apply the repostionalable adhesive yourself with a brush and can control how heavy to put it on. Once it starts to wear a little you just wash it off and re-apply! I love this feature because I use Stampin' UP card stock and if you have ever used it you know its very thick.

The design cards. Ok I will be honest here this is the only reason I bought my slice. I love a lot of the things on the cards that are out and ones that are coming out and I just know that I can't find most of the shapes for my cricut. At $39.00 for a card I think that price is just right compared to the $90.00 for a cricut!

So all in all I do believe this is a great item to add to your list if you are a paper crafter and a major plus if you make cards! With the sizes you cut this is a must have for all cardmakers!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dreaming of chicken soup

I can't stop thinking about chicken noodle soup but since my youngest son and I are gluten free we can't have the noodle part so I just substitute rice with noodles! YUMMY!!
I feel I made the best chicken soup but really it's nothing special! Here's how I cook mine!

1 whole chicken (don't forget to take the innards out I have forgotten till they were cooked..not a pretty sight)
Chicken soup base ( I use the one from Sam's club but you can find them at the grocery store
Mrs. Dash with the yellow lid

First I put the chicken in the pot and cover it with water till the pots almost full then I throw in a handful of cut of carrots and a whole onion cut up. You may want more or less of either ingredient. Then I put in about a tablespoon of Mrs. Dash and salt and pepper. I boil this chicken for 2 hours. That's the important part. I then take the meat of the Bird and shred it with my fingers so its little strands not chunks!
I then add the chicken base. Just note how much water you have and read the instructions. I then let this boil for about 4 or 5 more hours. Checking water level often and stirring! About 30 minutes before meal time I add in my rice and let that cook!!

MMMM its so good I want to go and make some! It's nothing fancy but it sure does taste good! I nice slice of gluten free bread with butter on would round this out just great! I hope you try this recipe and like it!

Blockhead radio!

Are you a indie music lover or an artisan!? If so have you been to ? You haven't! What are you waiting for get over there! They have a great indie music and great talk shows! I have learned so much from the couple shows I have listened to on how to improve promoting my shop!

Last night my team mates mamaslittlemonkey and rockerchic did a whole show on blogging! I learned so much blogging in general and about entrecard!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

how ARRRRRR you?

I made this card as part of a challenge for this blog I used the Stampin' UP! sanded background then used a piece of paper from I believe Hobby Lobby with little crossbones and skulls. I then cut a rectangle outta Grungepaper by Tim Holtz (hes not only very creative but very cute) that I then crackle painted with Picket Fence (another great Tim Holtz product) then inked it with black and while still wet wiped off the black to give it a gray look then heavy inked it with red! I cut out the ARRR from the cricut and just stamped the how and you and used Stickles for the question mark. Last but not least I took a piece of grunge board (again T.H.) that I painted with regular acrylic paint white then inked with white pigment ink!

What a great card for a man I think!! Hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I guess its the first one thats not from michaels. i thought i had that one last. my bad. sorry

a confession....

I am confessing that I am a dollar bin clear stamp addict!! Michaels has a section and my local shop has a section and I can't go to either without digging through them for the latest and greatest! I went to said shops yesterday and ended up buying out some stamps at Michaels. Aren't they too cute!?!?!?!

this last one is not from Michaels!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

a couple of challenges!

I did a couple challenges this week for 2 blogs! 1 was for and the other for

Friday, March 20, 2009

easter card

I made this Easter card for a challenge over at
I love how it turned out. I am obsessing over crackled anything right now.
whatcha think?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

scrapbook challenge

I decided today to do a scrapbook challenge off this blog The challenge is to scrap a guilty pleasure and my guilty pleasure at the moment is self portraits. I just got a new camera and have taken tons of them to learn the camera and nobody else will. HAHA

Monday, February 2, 2009

Scrapbook page

I recently made a page using a Stampin' UP! simply scrappin kit and am not sure what I think of the outcome but I LOVED the kit. The kit comes with cute double sided paper and cardstock and thick cardstock stickers!!

Remember I don't just sell cute things on etsy I am also a Stampin' UP! demonstrator. We have some great sales going on if you would like to learn more let me know!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

the nerve of some people

So I have this team mate in my CAFEMOM ETSY MOMS who is totally awesome and makes great pillowcase dresses! This stole her photos (any many other peoples) and is now passing them off as her own!
Please if you are on etsy check this blog out and make sure she isn't stealing your photos!