Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bag topper tutorial

Do you cello bags for packaging up your product? Does it look plain and boring? This tutorial will help you make it look nicer. All you need is 2 different colors of cardstock or you can use a White and your business card!

First put your goods in the bag and seal it!

Then cut a piece of cardstock slighlty wider then the bag and long enough to cover the flap! Staple it into place!

Now take either the second color (cut a little smaller then first later) or your business card and attach it over the staples with double sided sticky tape!

Next I stamped thank you and embossed it! If you used a business card you can skip this part!

Last I put on a flower to accent it!

Look how great that is! The back will have staples if you want to cover I usually add another piece of brown and put my label on top of the brown!

Thanks for looking!

If you would like me to cut stamp these so all you have to do is attach the pieces just find me at my artfire shop. lovetostamp.artfire.com

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