Saturday, March 13, 2010

Super hero cape!

My son's recently discovered that a piece of fabric tied at the neck makes a cape and all the joys that do with it! Being the good mom I am not wanting them to get hurt with the way I just stitched said fabric together at the neck I decided that my boys needed capes with velcro! Here's what I came up with! The day after I started to make them I went into labor and gave birth so right now we only have 1 made! This is my oldest showing off his little brothers cape!

Friday, March 12, 2010

facebook giveaway

I am having a giveaway over on my facebook fan page for my artfire studio!!/album.php?aid=152270&id=146236397265&ref=mf Come on over fan me sign up for the giveaway and have a look around!!

I am hoping to get the hang of regular blogging so bear with me!!

Wow its been awhile

So life got crazy and its been awhile since I've been here! I started working full time and was pregnant and I have 2 little boys to care for on top of all that my crafting and everything to do with that went to the back burner!

I have since had a baby girl and am bad into my crafting but now my new thing is hairbows!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

free Stampin UP product

Are you interested in learning how you can get free stampin up product? well the answer is having a VIRTUAL party!! With a party of just $150.00 dollars you get a FREE level 1 stamp set and FREE merchandise totally $15.00 and thats just the lowest hostess awards!!

If you are interested just let me know and we can work out the details together!

Friday, May 29, 2009

artfire free ride

Have you thought about selling on artfire but didn't want to take the plunge? Now is the time. If you sign up now you will be locked in for life at $12.00 per month no matter what price the monthly fee goes to! Now on top of that Artfire is having a promotion right now if I get 12 people signed up with me as a reference then not only do I get a free ride but I get to choose somebody! What I am going to do is put the 12 peoples name in the random generator and whoever gets picked gets the free ride!! What are the benefits of being verified? (thats what you are when you pay the $12 a month)

  • US $12.00 Monthly For life!!!!

  • No Fees for Sales

  • Sell Unlimited Items

  • Make Your Own Categories

  • Full Community Interaction

  • Up to 10 Pictures Per Product

  • Prefered Placement in Searches

  • Shop Banner

  • Forums

  • Custom

  • Google Analytics

  • Global Shipping Profiles

  • Social Media Promotion Tool

  • Social Media Resource Library

  • Real Time Statistics

  • Instant Flagging

  • Categories Displayed Randomly(No Relisting Needed)

  • Fast, Clear Checkout Process

  • Fast, Accurate Filtered Site Search

  • One Button Relist

  • One Button Vacation

  • Sales Mode

  • Education/Training

  • Green Impact

  • View Prices in Any Currency

  • Google Base (Autofeed Every Item)

  • Kudos

  • Guilds

  • Artisan Councils

  • Artisan Profile with Photo

  • Market Hub

  • Site Participation Rewards (Artifacts)

  • Automated Markdown Manager

  • Rapid Cart

<a href="">Register on</a> use this link for the reference!

thanks a lot for reading!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bag topper tutorial

Do you cello bags for packaging up your product? Does it look plain and boring? This tutorial will help you make it look nicer. All you need is 2 different colors of cardstock or you can use a White and your business card!

First put your goods in the bag and seal it!

Then cut a piece of cardstock slighlty wider then the bag and long enough to cover the flap! Staple it into place!

Now take either the second color (cut a little smaller then first later) or your business card and attach it over the staples with double sided sticky tape!

Next I stamped thank you and embossed it! If you used a business card you can skip this part!

Last I put on a flower to accent it!

Look how great that is! The back will have staples if you want to cover I usually add another piece of brown and put my label on top of the brown!

Thanks for looking!

If you would like me to cut stamp these so all you have to do is attach the pieces just find me at my artfire shop.