Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review making memories Slice

I recently bought the Slice by Making Memories and thought I would do a little review of it.

The Slice is different then most electronic cutting systems in the fact that you charge a battery then its cordless! You can't do that with a cricut! The small size is another plus. Measuring in at 6inx6in is great if you have limited space. The down side of that cute size is it only cuts up to inches 4 and the smallest size is inch with increments in 1/2 inch so getting a nice layer is none existant unless you want your layers to have a 1/2 inch difference.

Now on to how it works. You select your size and hit the start button and hold on! You have to apply light pressure for it to cut right. I find that to be a bit tricky. Too much and you either break the blade or it just doesn't move but too loose and the machine starts to slide around and your cuts not right! It does take awhile to get the feel of this machine so you will want to just play around with scrap paper till you get the hang of it! The blades are super easy to change and the price isn't to bad on them either!

The glass mat is awesome! You apply the repostionalable adhesive yourself with a brush and can control how heavy to put it on. Once it starts to wear a little you just wash it off and re-apply! I love this feature because I use Stampin' UP card stock and if you have ever used it you know its very thick.

The design cards. Ok I will be honest here this is the only reason I bought my slice. I love a lot of the things on the cards that are out and ones that are coming out and I just know that I can't find most of the shapes for my cricut. At $39.00 for a card I think that price is just right compared to the $90.00 for a cricut!

So all in all I do believe this is a great item to add to your list if you are a paper crafter and a major plus if you make cards! With the sizes you cut this is a must have for all cardmakers!

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Jazzy Jemz said...

Sounds like the improved on the downfalls of the Cricut. Although as a new cricut owner my hubby would flip if I went for another machine.

light pressure to cut- sounds kinda confusing. Does it cut through chipboard?