Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dreaming of chicken soup

I can't stop thinking about chicken noodle soup but since my youngest son and I are gluten free we can't have the noodle part so I just substitute rice with noodles! YUMMY!!
I feel I made the best chicken soup but really it's nothing special! Here's how I cook mine!

1 whole chicken (don't forget to take the innards out I have forgotten till they were cooked..not a pretty sight)
Chicken soup base ( I use the one from Sam's club but you can find them at the grocery store
Mrs. Dash with the yellow lid

First I put the chicken in the pot and cover it with water till the pots almost full then I throw in a handful of cut of carrots and a whole onion cut up. You may want more or less of either ingredient. Then I put in about a tablespoon of Mrs. Dash and salt and pepper. I boil this chicken for 2 hours. That's the important part. I then take the meat of the Bird and shred it with my fingers so its little strands not chunks!
I then add the chicken base. Just note how much water you have and read the instructions. I then let this boil for about 4 or 5 more hours. Checking water level often and stirring! About 30 minutes before meal time I add in my rice and let that cook!!

MMMM its so good I want to go and make some! It's nothing fancy but it sure does taste good! I nice slice of gluten free bread with butter on would round this out just great! I hope you try this recipe and like it!

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